What is the Dwijing Festival ? In Aie River Festival Assam (BTAD) 2019-20.

View of Dwijing Festival Scenery from Hagrama Bridge.

What is Dwijing Festival ?

The Dwijing Festival is an annual river festival celebrated on the banks of Aie River near the  Hagrama Bridge in Bongaigaon (BTAD Region).  The word 'Dwijing' derives from the native Bodo language. Dwi means 'water' and jing means 'near' i.e, Near Water.

Some Facts about Aie River

1. Aie means 'Mother' in Bodo language and Assamese language.

2. Aie River flows from Himalayan Mountains of Bhutan through the Chirang and Bongaigaon districts of Assam and falls in the mighty Brahmaputra river.

3. Aie River helps almost 30,000 families in the Chirang District for their daily livelihoods through crop harvesting, fishing, stone and sand collection and many more activities.

4. Hagrama Bridge, the longest bridge of rural areas (1200 metres) in Assam also stands above the Aie River.

5. Aie River changes its course every year.

6. In Winter Season, Aie river becomes a major tourist attraction for picnic and weekend activities.

7. In Summer Season, Aie river becomes evil and creates a huge flood due to heavy rainfall and destroys the properties of families and also the lives of many families.

Why Dwijing Festival is celebrated?

The main aim of celebrating Dwijing festival is to focus especially on business activities for the better economy generation through rural tourism. The Festival is also meant to provide help to the flood victim families through charity generation and distribution. The festival is focusing on state tourism.

List of Celebrities coming at Dwijing Fest 2019-20

27 Dec 2019 - Pronita Swargiary 28 Dec 2019 - Armaan Malik 29 Dec 2019 - Neha Kakkar 31 Dec 2019 - Arijit Singh 02 Jan 2020 - The Local Train 03 Jan 2020 - Shahrukh Khan 04 Jan 2020 - Papon 05 Jan 2020 - DJ Nucleya 06 Jan 2020 - Zubeen Garg 07 Jan 2020 - DJ Night

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