A Bodo Album Restaurant Mothonga Puri Park, Mini Khwirw Mininanwi

Bodo Press : A Bodo Album "Minikhwirw Mininanwi" creation by "Simang Presentation" for public entertainments. Which shooting was completed at Mothonga Puri Park, Tamulpur. Aim was shooting place at Bhutan, but meanwhile we was not been permitted for enter at Indo-Bhutan Border opposed by Bhutanies Army. Because of we was carrying heavy instruments for shooting as Crank, Gamble, Camera etc. Due to this problem we was not been able to enter in Bhutan for shooting this video. There way we was completed this video shooting at Mothongapuri Park, (Tamulpur). Please click thumb Nail for watching Mothonga Puri Park Video,s !!

Singer & Director - Gwhwm Basumatary

Camera & Editing by Biliphang Basumatary.

Artist by Digambar & Mrs Lalita.

Production - Bodo Press

All over by Sub Maj Rati Kanta Boro, RMS (Ajmer)

Mothonga puri Park Bodo Video

Delaimangri ang

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