Education then Education Now

In this era of globalization where world seems to be shrinking by every passing day making it easier and as well a little harder to survive and raising a question about it long lasting in one or the other way. Today some phrases from our language like good day ,how you , congratulations , wish you a very happy day and many more in their own respective languages of

the various parts and regions of the world have just become the group of letters which look good to speak and add a little glamour to it. With keeping up the pace with time many physiologist and researchers of the world, and global leaders have accepted, studied and observed that the closeness between the people, a sign of humanity have become restricted or made by people in their own ways as they think which has resulted in the increasing of selfishness among the people fading away the global goals from their head to save water, air, land the three jewels of the life well known by the 7.7billion people living on planet where every minute on average 250 lives take birth nearly 130 million in a year . Among animals humans are judged as one of the most intelligent species on earth denoted as homo sapiens by scientist. Human evolution is one of the most studied topic for the scientist and as well for the students. They learned and passed it on to their heirs means we in one or the other ways that’s where the teaching started and still going on and this helped in making people civilised and thus it termed as a best weapon for revolution and change in the world. A tool to establish peace and eternity among us . In ancient period in Taxila in ancient Gandhara(modern day Pakistan) was an early Hindu and Buddhist centre , scholars used to come here from all over the world , it was a great aspect of influence at that time, their rules and values were found to be highly favored and in practice by the people and this helped in making India as one of the most civilised and prosperous state of the world which led others to call India as a Golden bird a symbol of culture and prosperity. It was a period when knowledge of vedas, upnishads and belief in karma flourished among our ancestors making this land and people as the ‘vishwaguru' the teacher of the world, with heart stealing splendor all around in the panorama. And luckily it had maintained it's legacy till date in spite of various invasion on this holy land. Macaulay the English politician and historian who was also the Secretary of Board of Control of India stared is one of his journal that many centuries before Christ when the people of England were still wearing raw skins on their painted bodies and roaming wildly in forests even in the remote antiquity Indians had attained a high degree of civilization. Thus this shows that good and healthy education is the best way to develop a nation or a state up to its heights making people themselves a good resource. Education is the process of facilitating , learning or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values , beliefs and habits. True education enables people to develop all of their potential as human beings and member of society infact quality education provides the foundation for equity in society . Earlier education was driven by things like devotion and

thought with emphasis on things like occupation and earning. The government and very few public bodies were major investors in the sector. But as the opportunities in the service sector and manufacturing sector increased for the educated youth the demand for the educational institutes grew. And gradually this turned the educational sector into a commercial business of investment. There was a time when education was free and accessible to all . The society had an obligation to

provide alms . The system of education was intimately connected with the social structure . Earlier education was for the education's sake and not for exams and getting job. Education in all round that is complete or total development of personality – intellectual , physically, morally and socially. And that's what actually the education mean and what we need.

But today it has become moreover fiddling and being busy with worthless grades unable to depict real you .And in adding to it education have become a business because of increased number of schools and institutions which are opened to provide education. The privatisation of educational institutions also helped it to become a flourishing business and part of rising entrepreneurs ventures with no loss

around. Because of rising business, standard of education decreased. Slightly definition too get

changed because of more institutes, more competition and lack of quality and ideal teaching, focus got shifted from great to grade , from pupil’s opinion to people’s interest, from specialty of individual to average of a class or group .Teachers started concentrating on those who understand things themselves others were left alone. Judging everyone on the same criteria enabled extreme pressure from parents ,society to education for financial security, degrees for programming jobs or medicine. Societal pressure to get into the right sector not for good education but to ensure good jobs for general success in life. Moreover conformist culture which made educational achievement the only thing that matters to social standing.

Deepak Kumar

Rashtriya Military School, Ajmer (Raj)

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