Bodo Actress of YouTube Channel "The Siphung." Mrs Lalita Boro and Jokey Bodo Girls.

The Siphung: 20/04/2020

Mrs Lalita Boro

Bodo Actress of YouTube Channel "The Siphung". Her carrier she has done extremely tremendous act as Ajwli Sikhwla, Fagun Nwng Fwibwla, Bottle Gongse Lwngnanwi, Delaimangri Ang, Ads of Simang Presentation, Gwmw Gwthang, Onnai Hwbay and Mothunga Puri Park Bodo Album. She Individually has a Like Application namely "Lalita Boro" Account and done a good job till today.

Miss Swdwmsri (Jokey Bodo Girls)

Swdwmsri likes app. Best Bodo Acting jokes. She is doing best in Like Application Acting. Her performance is very good in Like Application. We can say her name Jokey Bodo Girls. For getting entertainments with her acting Follow her accounts namely "Swdwmsri Bsty" on Like App.

Miss Trishna

Upcoming Bodo Actress. Miss Trishna is an upcoming Bodo actress on YouTube Channel "The Siphung". Her Album Thowdw Roje, Swrba Fwibwla, Oh Reshma and Phungbili. She doing Best acting on all album. Her Like App Namely place Trishna.

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