Abby is Blind When It Comes to Chloe's Talent

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Although I gave up my love of dance for my passion in writing, I have lived a fully enriched career in ballet. Not only have I taken classes from talented choreographers and teachers such as Mia Michaels, Keith Clifton, Rachael Poirier, Rex Harrington, and Alvin Ailey's Dance Company; I've had the immense joy to travel to Russia and train with teachers from the Vaganova Ballet Academy and Mariinsky Ballet Company. For all this training, I can state that Chloe will be the ALDC dancer who comes out on top in her career. Yes, that includes "beating" Maddie.

Abby Doesn't Know It All

After watching the National Final on Dance Moms, I can not be more distressed by Abby's lacklustre enthusiasm when it comes to Chloe's talent. Although this is not a new topic, Chloe has always appeared under-rated in Abby's eyes, to see after four seasons that Abby is as blind as a bat should tell all that Chloe is the number one star. It is true that Abby creates moving and controversial choreography and can grease the technique of her dancers. Kendall has improved greatly because of Abby. However, what Abby fails undeniably at is how to nurture one of the most talented dancers she has.

Chloe Has Heart, Maddie Only Has Technique

I dislike putting Chloe and Maddie side by side because they are both amazing dancers, but for the sake of showing Abby's disillusionment, a comparison is needed. Both dancers have excellent technique and know how to perform on stage, but Chloe has the epitome of a dancers' body and extreme potential for star-quality technique, which got her a full-paid scholarship to Joffrey Ballet. As Chloe mature's in age, her technique and extensions (which her body was created for in dance) will escalate and trump anyone her age.

Then there is Chloe's heart. Anyone can learn how to perform on stage and do it well, even excellent. Maddie is a great example of this. However, the heart (that special quality the judges always talk about) is rare. So rare that Chloe is the only dancer at ALDC, let alone one of the few in the entirety of the dance world, that has this quality. It's not about expressing emotion on your face, but through your body in the most human way. Not staged.


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