A Poetry of Jennifer with Bodo Traditional Dress, Beautiful Moment Smiling with Natural calamity !

But it is a #Jennifer_Smile_teeth !!

The Siphung : 19/02/2020

व्ह मासूम से बस मुस्कुरराते थे , बस देख कर हम यह मन बेईमान कर बैठे की खुदा से खुद खुदही मांग लिया हो ,न जाने यह कैसा अरमान कर बैठे ....मुस्कुरराते थे bas देख कर हम यह मनन बेईमान कर बैठे की मांग लिया हो,

न जानने यह कैसा अरमान कर बैठे .... !!!!!

He used to smile just innocently, just by looking at it, we sat dishonestly thinking that he had asked God for himself, not knowing how to sit in desperation, have demanded

Don't know what kind of arrogance this is .... !!!!


A Miracle Smile with teeth of Jennifer, natural creature are calamities as a beautiful her smiling, a flower blooming as in a garden, never took forever smiling, always to be Stay home like this smiling.

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